The various clauses and conditions defined hereafter constitute a firm contract concluded between yourselves, hereafter called the client and SoftDatabase, the publisher of


The objective of the present document is to define the general conditions of sale between the parties : of all or part of the files contained in the data banks belonging to SoftDatabase, and of any IT service connected with the sale of such data.

Intellectual rights

The data made available to you remain the exclusive intellectual and commercial property of SoftDatabase. The user must neither copy, nor market, resell, distribute, retransmit, nor otherwise transfer or exploit commercially in any form whatsoever any data item from SoftDatabase unless it is for the user’s internal operating purposes.

SoftDatabase and the SoftDatabase logo are registered trademarks which must not be reproduced in any shape or form.The user must neither modify, nor alter nor change any part whatsoever of the SoftDatabase service and he must not use any software to access the SoftDatabase service without authorisation nor use any software altering the SoftDatabase service in any manner whatsoever.

Subscription are fulfilled after payment and acceptance of these present conditions of sale. By subscription is meant the making available access to a file for multiple use but without any transfer of ownership and for the execution of actions proper to the client. In fact, the client expressly commits to use the data solely for his own needs. Any reproduction, even partial reproduction, on any medium whatsoever, is forbidden without express authorisation. The client is expressly forbidden to sell, transmit or communicate to a third party in any form whatsoever the data contained in the files supplied by SoftDatabase. SoftDatabase can reject subscriptions from companies competiting with its consulting services. No responsibility can be imputed to SoftDatabase by the use that will be made of these data by the client.


For all information about the prices in force, refer to the "conditions" page. SoftDatabase reserves the right to modify its prices without prior notice. The prices applied when making out the invoice are those in force on the day of ordering. Orders from French companies are subject to VAT at a rate of 19.6%.


The methods and dates of payment are mentioned on the pricing page. As with any system of communication, data sent over the Internet carries the risk of being intercepted. Although SoftDatabase has taken all the necessary precautions to minimise the risk of interception, the user should recognise that any information is sent at his own risk and that SoftDatabase has no responsibility with regard to the security of this information at the time of its transmission.


The SoftDatabase data are collected mainly through the co-operation of the companies listed in the SoftDatabase data bank. The accuracy and completeness of the data collected depend on the co-operation of the companies listed. Although SoftDatabase commits to using all reasonable efforts to ensure that the data are as accurate as commercially possible, SoftDatabase accepts no responsibility regarding the validity, usefulness or accuracy of the data transmitted. Clicking on certain links within the site can lead the user to other sites. SoftDatabase takes no responsibility nor has any obligation whatsoever with regard to the accuracy or content of the data or any other aspect of these sites.


The present contract cannot be transferred.

Other dispositions

The fact of subscribing constitutes acceptance of the conditions exhibited above. Unless the client expressly stipulates to the contrary, SoftDatabase reserves the right to cite this by way of reference.