Softdatabase consulting : testimonials
«The relationship between SoftDatabase and Open Software Technologies, Inc. has developed so well that our company would not even think twice before doing additional business with SoftDatabase. SoftDatabase knows more about the products and the business of software company vendors and associated distributors than any other company we have ever encountered. In addition, SoftDatabase has an excellent ability to tie vendors and distributors into highly productive and mutually beneficial relationships. We also are very happy with SoftDatabase’s no-nonsense business approach to problem solving. We at Open Software Technologies, Inc. are proud to have such a valued relationship with SoftDatabase». Richard Travis, President

When it comes to bringing the right people together at the right place, SoftDatabase knows how to do it. As a perfect matchmaker you can rely on their support through all stages of partner development». Michael Okada, Director

«Softdatabase has become an invaluable partner to our small software company. They allowed us to enter the Chinese market quickly and efficiently by establishing a great short list of potential resellers that we could then meet and further qualify for best fit and sign up.  Additionally they were able to help us staff the start-up of a local in-country office very rapidly, with an ideal employee selected from a solid range of candidates they pre-qualified. In short, the established us in business quickly, efficiently and very cost effectively. We could never have opened up a business in China without them».

Burton Smith, Director

From the first contact to the final cooperation people at SoftDatabase want to establish a real partnership. They achieve it by being willing and able to understand the partners market, by helping with both usual and unusual activities and having a clear goal in mind. We appreciate working together». Josef Biermeier, Managing Director

«As part of our international development strategy, Business Document identified several countries, but it was Poland that stood out in the search for our future partners. We had already worked with SOFTDATABASE in the past and once again their advice enabled us to simplify and direct our search for a partner in an effective manner. Thanks to its splendid organisation, SOFTDATABASE was able to pinpoint the major players in the Polish market, which in turn permitted us to identify our new partner, the Fujitsu company, a company that matches our requirements exactly». Philippe Donguy, Director

«We have been working with SoftDatabase since its creation in 1992. SoftDatabase regularly assists us in our search for new partners so that we can to add to our range of software. We are exceedingly pleased with this long term, quality relationship which has played and still does play an important part in the development of our company. SoftDatabase also provides an excellent external consultancy service which has enabled us to assess and select the opportunities presented to us which in turn prevented us from making errors which could have proved costly». Jean-Marc Bouquin, CEO

«With an extensive experience of international markets, a pragmatical approach to business and deal making, and a truly commited and responsive team of professionals, SoftDatabase enabled us to establish a global presence at record path for a competitive price». Alain Bezancon, CEO

«My company has used SoftDatabase several times in the last 5 years for marketing studies and product searches and on each occasions we have been more than satisfied with the results. SoftDatabase provides a professional service that delivers great value this is why I continue to use them». Victor Dennis, CEO

«We were able to establish new distributing partners in several countries with the help of Softdatabase, with a very limited time and effort.

Softdatabase understood very quickly our position in the integration market, our strategy and our targets and we are confident that these new partners will generate significant business for our solutions in these regions». Carl Vansteelandt, Managing Director

«SoftDatabase has successfully matched us with distributors that have provided significant European sales within the first year. SoftDatabase’s services are excellent and totally professional». Joël Goldstein, President
«We found at SoftDatabase the effectiveness and competence as well as a strong organization. It’s great to work with such professionals! ». Yves Clisson, General Manager
«SoftDatabase has been of great help for the development of Selligent outside of Europe. Thanks to the quality of their database and their huge experience, we were able to find distributors in Asia Pacific in a very limited time and with reasonable investments. This is the kind of company you would recommend to a friend.». André Lejeune, CEO
«Our company spent two years searching for a distributor in the USA, without success. Within 2 months, SoftDatabase found not only 1, but 5 potential distributors, which enabled us to negotiate a very favorable distribution agreement.SoftDatabase? 100% efficient». Robert Benaroya, President
«SoftDatabase' advice and recommendations allowed us to build solid basis for our organization, for our product set up as well as for our international marketing. The SoftDatabase study helped us to well understand our foreign competitors and to define a better sales strategy for our success». Richard Goldberg, International Executive Director
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